New booking system for small Tour Operators

New booking system for tour operators, was recently launched in South Africa. The system doesn’t require downloading or installing extensive software.

Tour operators sign up with EQuoTour and provide company details as well as supplier and customer details once off. A ‘Get Quote Now’ banner is then placed on their website. The information provided is stored centrally, which means it can be accessed 24/7 from any location around the world that has reliable Internet access. Potential customers visit the tour operator’s website and click on the ‘Get Quote Now’ link that directs them to with the captured information. The system is branded with the tour operator’s company logo so customers will not be aware they are redirected to EQuoTour.

Customers are able to generate quotes relevant to the services the tour operator offers. Dylan Reevell of EQuoTour says: “It allows customers to compile their own packages according to the accommodation wanted and the services required.” Although it is not possible to book airlines; the tour operator can add links to airline websites or provide estimated prices. The system will automatically email all quotes to the customer. The customer chooses to accept a quote and automatically sends out reservation emails to the correct suppliers. Reevell of EQuoTours says there has been a lot of interest especially from small and medium-sized tour operators. He says: “The small and medium-sized tour operators do everything themselves. Our research has shown their biggest problem is that they are not responsive enough when it comes to replying to potential customers.

The response time is very important if you don’t want to lose customers and income.” According to Reevell, a medium-sized tour operator will need eight to ten people just to do quotes. He says: “This is a huge cost without guaranteed income. EQuoTour offers a solution to this cost.”


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We are a group of accredited Tourist Guides who accompany tourists on any type of tour and adventure - thereby providing the tourist with the best possible experience of Cape Town and the Western Cape
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1 Response to New booking system for small Tour Operators

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Any idea how to contact EQuoTour? I did a Google search but could find no references . I would like to sign up.

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